Memory Foam Vs Air Mattress – Which is Best?
November 4, 2017

Memory foam is unique in its ability to support your body properly to the best feasible sleeping position. It does not matter whether or not you sleep in your back, stomach or side, you will get fantastic support. You will want to keep in mind that there are numerous different brands and even within every of these brands there are different densities and firmness of foam. Because of this, it is impossible to make a statement that applies to memory foam in general.


One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from owners of memory foam mattresses is they had been too firm. I’ve found that people who believed they wanted a firm bed had been not happy having a firmer foam mattress. The same people had been completely happy having a plusher feeling mattress, so it is not memory foam they didn’t like, it was just the level of firmness they didn’t like. There are numerous misconceptions about these mattresses that come up a great deal.

The most frequent issue is that people have heard it sleeps hot. I’ve heard that statement more than anything else. These same people, after sleeping on memory foam (even in scorching humid climates) had no complaints about heat develop up. Another factor I’ve heard a great deal is that it feels like your rolling out of a rut whenever you try to flip more than. As the foam is temperature delicate and gets to be firm when it is cold, you may encounter that sensation in case your mattress was cold whenever you received into bed. Instantly after warming the mattress, this wouldn’t be the situation, it just feels like any other mattress whenever you flip.


I’ve found that about 98% of the population likes to sleep on this type of mattress when the firmness is matched to their expectations. I’ve also had numerous calls from people who owned air mattresses after seeing the number of complaints is significantly greater. It may just be the complaints had been pointed to the most well-liked advertised brand, I’m not sure.

So, once more, the memory foam vs air mattress question is not lower and dried but my encounter is that a memory foam mattress fits a lot bigger segment of the population.